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aftab currency exchange
aftab currency exchange
aftab currency exchange aftab currency exchange

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Benefits of Being with Us

  • Grow quickly and maximize your earning potentials
    • Business model that supports your existing business with same customer bank.
    • Appeal and surge new cluster of communities around you.
    • Offer generous transaction base commissions percentage.
    • Offer attractive prices and competitive exchange rates.
    • Add extra income in your current earning from commissions, for being our agent.
    • Tap into incentive campaigns throughout the year to boost your earnings.
  • Set-up Cost
    • No upfront cost, free on-line system to start business.
    • Just need internet connection with a PC to get started.
  • User Friendly System
    • A proprietary, web-based application with a global reach.
    • Highly user-friendly software platform with almost zero-error dependability.
    • Doesn’t require technical knowledge for operating.
    • Easy-to-use process: simple form to complete.
  • Ample Support
    • Time to time promotional campaigns in your area.
    • Signage & point of sale material for your business.
    • Provide comprehensive system training to you and your staff.
    • 24/7 online services.
    • On-the-spot support from Operations, Customer Care and Compliance teams.
  • Value Provided
    • No collection fee for beneficiary.
    • SMS alert service to beneficiary (only available in the Pakistan).
    • Dedicated customer care team to guide beneficiary to receive amount.
    • No hidden charges / guaranteed payout amount at receiving.
  • Regulatory compliance
    • To prevent fraud and money laundering, a dedicated team to process payments in a secure and reliable approach.
    • Automated reporting and record keeping, facilitating the regulator on your behalf.

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