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We operate behind the scenes as a trusted partner and enable
our clients, including banks and other organisations, to improve
their existing global payments processes and innovate new services.

Aftab Currency Makes Payments Better For:

i) Banks and Financial Institutions
Complementing and enhancing existing international payment processes

ii) FX Companies
Simplifying global payments by improving reliability, speed and access

iii) Payments Aggregators
Deliver your customers international payments with the benefits of
efficiencies of scale

iv) E-commerce
Supporting the "ecosystem" of global online businesses

v) Money Transfer Operators
Offering cross-border "to-account" remittance capabilities

Aftab Currency

Key Benefits :
Our growth has been built on our knowledge, expertise and
ability to improve existing global payments processes.
Using Aftab Currency reduces bottlenecks, additional workload
and restrictive costs built-in to many existing international
payments channels.
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